Monday, July 12, 2010

A Few More Days...

So here's a brief list of the activities that occurred over the last few days:
- My grandpa picked me up Sat.
- Toured Guatemala City
- Spent the night with some family
- Watched the World Cup
- Came back to Antigua Sunday night
- Moved to a new house Sunday night
- New Spanish teacher Monday morning
- Visit to Casa Maria again on Monday PM
- Helped sweep river of water out of new house Monday PM

It's an understatement to say that they keep us occupied here! We wake up at 6 am, eat breakfast at 7 am, do something for the program until noon, lunch at 1pm, meet again somewhere by 2pm, come home by 6pm, dinner at 7pm, talk for an hour or write notes, shower, sleep... Repeat until you're exhausted. I'm learning a lot, but I'm so sleepy.

My new home is super cute, aside from the river of water that came in our front door this evening when the street turned into a river from all the rain... which I had to run 6 blocks in to get home then could not for the life of me find my keys so I got so soaked. The fact that water could actually get in our door is a surprise in itself at the entryway has a 7 inch high step over to get in. That means the water had to rise from street level to the sidewalk (6 inches) then to the door level (7 inches) so over a foot in total. It took 6 of us in a line with brooms and one person with a bucket to get the water back outside where it belongs. Afterwards I was instructed to promptly wash my feet with soap and water by our house mom as the water can sometimes carry parasites that crawl into your feet and then through your body... so gross!

Thankfully, my new room is on the second floor, so I'm hoping that I'll be dry for time being. My biggest delight here is the internet!!! We have internet!!! It's so exciting! Also, the cutest little boy lives here... He's 17 mos old and his name is Angel. He's very interested in me and Erika and he always seems to be peeking from around the corner. Definitely one of my favorites parts of Guatemala so far.

The weekend with my grandpa was nice as well. We stayed with some family in Guatemala City. He showed me pictures of his home in Chiquimula and talked about his best friend Chester all the time (a puppy he has had for a year now). He brought a table he made in his shop and showed me how he constructed it. Then on Sunday, my grandpa's older sister, Tia Tita, came by and she watched the World Cup with us and had a couple of beers (she's 88). We talked with family, ate more amazing food, and generally just spent time getting to know each other again.